Network circles the 1st ” broken bits male ” name-calling of on field 6 kinds of languages exposes to the sun oneself had slept 2500 women

Login register circles of network of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian the 1st ” broken bits male ” does name-calling of on field 6 kinds of languages expose to the sun oneself had slept: of 2500 women origin?  ?2017-05-10 11:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

The near future, the arm of the law and lukewarm net announce the tennis name constellation to be called Nasidasi issued a prohibition in succession, prohibit the competition ground that he comes to to 2017. Speak of the first world the first, his name is shown a bit a bit unfamiliar, the near future fame Yuan Yang, because he of 70 years old of advanced age still is putting flying ego completely,be unexpectedly, scold female star smelly prostitute, make the colour bar. Nevertheless, this are not strange also, because his life is a dirty broken bits male grow history!

Young the Nasidasi when

Nasidasi 1946 one’s previous experience Yuluomaniya first degrees of Bucharest, his father is a police, the mother is a housewife, 20 years old begin circles of network of profession of go 爱上海同城

on an expedition, achieve military successes of shining of one attend as a nonvoting delegate: He was 1973 the world of chief man tennis after ATP uses rank system the first, professional career singles c上海千花社区

arries off 58 itinerate surpass singles champion in all, include champion of two vole singles among them (1972 the arm of the law, beautiful 1973 net) , doubles carries off in all 45 doubles champion, include 3 vole champion among them. He is total end of the year the first 3 Lian Guan (1971-1973 year) , also be member of hall of international tennis celebrity at the sa新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

me time, professional career acquires stake in all 2076761 dollars.

By abuse the aperture tower after enrages tear of proper field violent wind, nasidasiquesi not however not care a cent.

Abuse England smelly prostitute of one elder sister: Do not apologize! Skill sends me to enter a prison!

During the federation cup this year, nasidasi Mu of small Williams of No.1 of female to having the world of pregnancy net this published opinion on public affairs of a the colour bar. Let us treat the color of skin of her child. Be chocolate adds milk? Small power ability just announced the Kexisi in oneself and fiance A – the first child of Aohanian will be born in the autumn, heard the satirize with this kind of inurbane r上海贵族宝贝

acialism rich color, also gave indignant fight back immediately: I am not craven, you are frightened do not pour me.

Actually small power pay is already very good, still be in federation cup, the Nasidasi as Romanian group leader of a group unexpectedly to British tennis suddenly tower of aperture of one elder sister opens fire, tongue-lash him smelly prostitute, aperture tower enrages the tear that get violent wind on the spot, the Nasidasi that is driven out compulsively to give competition ground by the judgment subsequently still does not stop, the person that scold the spot to write down continuously is foolish X.

The team captain qualification of privative Nasidasi announces immediately after ITF is surpassed. Although net of the Romania after contest assist for alleviation atmosphere, group person sends a flower to British team, b上海夜网论坛

ut a bit of accept Si Dasi disdains to acknowledge a mistake, strong still put a word: I do not regret. Skill catchs me into the jail. I am indifferent to at all for, my TMD just does not apologize, father 70 years old!

Nasidasi opens an umbrella the match

Name-calling of on field 6 kinds of languages: You let the judgment that belle shuts up, otherwise I am gone to excrement of her cap lira

Abuse small power with aperture tower not fresh, all sorts of puts flying ego egoistically black histories of king of this Romania ball can allow fan even people a paroxysm is muddled, he can use name-calling of 6 kinds of languages even.

On field, he always is pouring shout at the top of one’s voice of judgment, linesman, audience, county duke calls the Kent that he once nodded make a row from time to tome to watching his game greatly: Shut up! To the belle, he also nots hesitate open fire, because always applause in his error moment,have a female fan, he says to the judgment immediately: If she still does not shut up, I am gone to the shit in her beautiful white hat!

On field, he always is in move restlessly and disturbed brim. Kangnasi belongs to he and old partner hot disposition, also with rackety and throw bat famed. Nasidasi likes to be used very much in those days audience of please of words and deeds, and be passed on field all sorts of making fun of, sneer at baleful even imitate, go disturbing the match rhythm of adversary.

A variety of his behavior art to oneself are full of proud feeling, he can use the crotch of referee of ball fling at, below the tarpaulin that hides constabulary helmet centrosphere field. Lukewarm 1974 net four-wheel the match, he is opposite an American Dick-Stockton, their match is interrupted by rainwater for many times, to protest unending time-out, then he was maintaining an umbrella to be on competition ground, he writes in the autobiography: I am not for dispersive adversary attention, having what can affirm is, went a few years, everybody forgot I was defeated early, but remember me opening an umbrella however this stubble. He always can hide the bat of an adversary, a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of A of legend giant star – the player that A assorted and Nasidasi are same age, in those days the bathhouse that he puts a mice into A assorted even, but he feels this kind of fun is very normal, I often open this kind of fun, I think it accords with my individual character.

Sometimes his accurate, flat match hit a half to leave field directly. the Nasidasi to obstinate and unruly, warning, amerce, banning contest is common occurrence at all, but he never convergent, still do not care about the earth’s surface to show completely: Be amerce? I am rich, although punish ah. Paid fine I am returned such.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother上海贵族宝贝论坛

forest all catch multicolored

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