V910 of mouse of game of laser of Lei Bai MMO experiences lever of 299 admiral mouse

Electric contest develops like a raging fire, peripheral market sends force quickly, this among them the name that you have to cannot be ignored, call Lei Bai, these a few years, the sense that it gives a person more sedate like what perform real deeds clique, the player calls it the leader brand of industry of domestic key rat, visible V series is already thorough popular feeling, exclusive regrettablly is, in admiral this, lei Bai shows inadequacy a bit in the late strength of V900.

Recently, the occurrence of V910, break the groovy modelling of V series mouse, extend projecting flank from it, 14 define key-press setting oneself, to powerful A9800 laser engine, all the position that establish established its admiral. The key is to be proud the configuration of charming unexpectedly the price of supplement slow-witted bud, 299 yuan of fact belong to conscience make. Gibberish does not say more, open box!

Blood relationship of game of La Hei of series of V of the continue to use that pack, composed air, label of simple product plan, model, deep and remote blue adorns the foil in pure black background to fall to be highlighted boldly. Accessory respect is done not have too much can say piece, still offerred a product to show manual only.

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