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Gem gal moves this kind more get a woman love, this is one kind compares the campaign with easy quiet alleviation, different person does the purpose of gem gal to differ, the female during be pregnant for instance does gem gal, can command a stature effectively, still be helpful for fetal health, be opposite especially successful unripe child is helpful, additionally a lot of people do gem gal is to reduce weight, returning the end that some females become gem gal is breast enhancement, issue face introduction so breast enhancement of one a complete set of gem gal movement.

Does gem gal movement have simple breast enhancement what?

Simple breast enhancement gem gal movement:

Gal of breast enhancement gem one, Shan Shifeng bosom gem galShanghai night net

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Disclose an action: Want to make oneself body station straight above all when doing this gem gal, bend private parts human body next, both hands is in closely of double foot rear 10 point to buckle closely, make the gesture like Xiang Shan so. Catch even if let bosom gently forward square straighten one’s back, and the head also should be admired backward case. Maintaining this pose to undertake having regular breath, after keeping 3 seconds to control, double foot slightly bend one’s knees, let bosom more before quite, let a face come up against knee as far as possible.

Small stick person: Type of action of this gem gal because the body is maintaining get a name like the pose like hill. Movement of this gem gal can promote the haemal circulation of bosom, stimulate bosom to be brought up in motion thereby. Can achieve the goal of breast enhancement so. But must take care when making this motion, undertaking slowly as far as possible, can pull the bones and muscles of leg ministry very easily otherwise.

Does gem gal movement have simple breast enhancement what?

Gal of breast enhancement gem 2, type of or so put the palms together

Disclose an action: This movement is to make his erect standing above all, let both hands next 10 point to intersect, make the gesture of geminate palm put the palms together, next gently inspiratory, go to elbow too high slowly wind. Then slowly expiratory, the palm of both hands put the palms together squashs to bosom inside as far as possible, slightly tendency is left when both hands squashs, maintaining this pose namely finally 10 seconds left and right sides, restore original pose slowly again. Later again slowlyFall in love with the sea

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Repeat this act, but this both hands tilts slightly to right. This movement repeats 20 times.

Small stick person: Movement of this gem gal looks be like very simple, but the effect to breast enhancement is very powerful however. MM people the development that the action that can provoke the extruding bosom in type through this gem gal will come to stimulate bosom mammary gland, let bosom thereby can again development grows, achieve the result of breast enhancement thereby. Can let MM people bosom becomes more Feng Ting. But want to notice when making this motion, when the palm squashs to bosom inside, must ensure exert oneself, and both hands should maintain the pose of the balance with wind from beginning to end. MM people can try this simple and effective method in the home!

Gal of breast enhancement gem 3, anguine type changesType

Disclose an action: Before making motion of this gem gal, let him Fu lie to be filled up in gem gal first above all, genuflect of double foot bend one’s knees is on cushion, and both hands is sticking the ground closely. The upper part of the body is maintaining later sticking the ground, propping up the ground with both hands, let hip carry slowly from the ground. Carry in hip when leaving the area, the eye wants orthoptic ahead. This pose should maintain 10 seconds, renew original action slowly again next, it is OK to repeat 20 times.

Small stick person: The gem gal movement of type of change of this snake type is it seems that cannot exercise bosom quite, very may much MM is oppugned somewhat to the breast enhancement effect of this movement. However in fact, although this movement cannot rise to exercise the effect of bosom directly, Shanghai noble baby

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But this pose is OK however1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Let MM people because sedentary and become those who tilt is vertebral and new turn a former position. Such OK this movement can let vertebral become more beautiful. And vertebral change is OK and correctional oneself station appearance that contains a bosom or sitting position, go down for a long time to be able to make bosom new become forceful and plump, to breast enhancement it is very effective.

Does gem gal movement have simple breast enhancement what?

Gal of breast enhancement gem 4, character 8 type

Disclose an action: Above all 4 let oneself holding relaxation position all over, next body naturally lies on gem gal cushion, will double foot is opened, double foot bend one’s knees, both hands is opened greatly in the upper part of the body, form a splay state all over. The force that catchs recumbent shoulder ministry and sole will make body happening fluctuant, leave lumbar drive up the area, this movement lasts 5 seconds in be high up in the air. Fold double foot together slowly again next, still maintaining lumbar be high up in the air 5 seconds. Final ability can restore original pose slowly, it is OK to repeat 3 times again.

Small stick person: The movement of type of this character 8 basically is to let each parts of the body get sufficient motion and take exercise, meanwhile, because this movement basically is a kind of pose that maintaining lumbar be high up in the air, it is very useful for this effect to breast enhancement so. This movement can let bosom carrying the current that holds out a god outwards all the time, because this holds to movement of this gem gal for a long time to go down, can let bosom become bigger stronger, make beautiful breast thereby.

Gal of breast enhancement gem 5, type is carried on the arm

Disclose an action: When making this motion, it is to should prepare gem gal cushion above all. Sitting in cushion hanging wall next, left foot is put inside, right leg is put outside. When sitting, want to maintaining the pose that holds out a bosom to receive an abdomen, and the palm of both hands also should fold closely. Next slowly inspiratory, the arm of will double hand gently up drive up, the arm of both hands as far as possible clingy ear. After arm drive up, put down the arm of drive up slowly again. This movement repeats 10 times.

Small stick person: The action that style mentions on the arm is sticking ear through allowing an arm as far as possible upgrade is carried, the muscle that can let bosom on certain level gets taking exercise enoughly, the muscle that lets bosom thereby is more close solid, can prevent breast so outwardForum of Shanghai night net

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Outspread, perhaps create the appearance of mammary prolapse. Hold to this gem gal for a long timeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Movement, the appearance that still can let bosom is more full. Model thereby be proud of the person ” career line ” .

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